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Cameron ‘Cam’ Johnson


Cameron ‘Cam’ Johnson is a certified personal trainer and founder of Catch Me If U Cam. Created with the intention of helping others achieve their physical and mental goals, Cam is a dedicated practitioner of what he preaches. He affirms that “health and fitness is my work, as well as my play,” and carries this level of commitment throughout his life. While holding himself and his clients to a high standard, Cam modifies every client relationship to the goals and physical capacities of every client. 


A tenant Cam lives by and instills in his work is that every day is an opportunity to advance yourself,  inside and out the gym. Choosing to workout with Cam is choosing to make strides not only in your physical development, but mental and spiritual. 

While founding his own personal training service, Cam is also a proud trainer at Phenomenal Fitness. Prior to his work as a personal trainer Cam received his degree in sports management from Cumberland University. Outside of personal training, Cam enjoys mentally stimulating activities such as reading, taking new courses, and sports such as basketball and rollerskating.

For additional information please visit our FAQ section below to view common questions we receive.

"We Deserve The Highest Version Of Ourselves”

- Cameron 'Cam' Johnson



Training Style

Workouts & Packages

How do you assess new clients?

I assess new clients by asking key questions that will allow me to gauge where a client stands mentally and physically. Then, we go through some basic movements that will reveal the clients strengths and weaknesses. 

How will you track my fitness goals?

We will track your fitness goals by recognizing and acknowledging improvements in how you feel, how you move and how you look. 

What's your preferred style of encouragement?

My preferred style of encouragement is situational. Every person requires something different from me and I do my best to deliver a style of encouragement that appropriately fits each person's character.

I’m an athlete, can workouts be adjusted to my sport?

Yes, of course. I work with many athletes from different sports. 

What should I expect on our first day?

The first day is usually an evaluation day. We'll do basic movements and communicate with each other to get a feel for what works best for you. We will never do anything inappropriate for your fitness level. Everyone will be met where they are but also, you should be ready for a challenge.

How can we book an appointment?

Visit the Book Your Session page to view, select, and purchase your plan. After selecting which workout service and first workout date, you’ll be directed to the following page of selecting your price plan.

I need to reschedule my appointment, what’s the best way to do?

After logging into your profile, click My Bookings where you can view, reschedule, or cancel your upcoming workouts.

Where are workout sessions held? 

Workouts are held at Phenomenal Fitness which is located at 2001 South State Street in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood.

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